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Test Chair:

Lorraine Schipperijn

Please click the links below to view the current OSA testing calendar held at the Onyx Rochester Ice Arena & Suburban Ice Macomb. Additionally, links to test applications are provided for Dance tests and Free Skate/Moves in the Field tests. Be sure to read the registration instructions carefully as they may change periodically.

                                                                OSA Testing Guidelines 

-Forms must filled out completely with full names (NO nicknames) and USFSA number
-Parents must sign the form.
-Coaches signature must be on the form and your postmark determines your spot on test day. Tests fill quickly so first come first served.
-Make sure your payment obligations are up to date (drop in passes, contracts, etc.) or you will not be able to test.
-If you withdraw your application before the due date your application and check will be shredded and you will have to resubmit. No refunds will be made if you withdraw after the due date.  You will have to resubmit your application to reschedule cancelled tests.
-The schedule is posted on Monday before tests scheduled at Onyx Ice Arena.
-The schedule is posted on Friday before tests scheduled at Suburban Ice Macomb.
-Testing hours normally run from 8 or 9 AM through 2:30 PM. You should arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled warmup time.
-Dance and moves/freestyle will not normally be done on the same day so please submit forms as 2 different test days.
-Dance testing will be scheduled on a different day than the moves/freestyle. When we have a sufficient number of dancers to hold a dance test the dance coaches will be informed approximately 3 weeks prior to the scheduled date.

-Please send in dance forms when you are ready to test and they will be held by the test committee until there are enough dancers to hold a test. At this time a date will be set and the dance coaches will be informed.
-If you test out of club you must get the form signed by the Test Chair. The form can be scanned and sent to and it will be signed and sent back.
-All 1st club members receive pins for taking their test at the Onyx Ice Arena or Suburban Ice Macomb. If you test out of club (except at Troy ICES) you do not receive a pin from the club but you may purchase the pin through the club.  All pins will be handed out at the end of year awards banquet with the appropriate certificates.
-Gold test skaters will receive a plaque at the banquet. If you tested a Gold test out of club (except at Troy ICES) you can order and pay for the plaque through the club and it will be presented at the end
of year awards banquet.

​​​Onyx Test Sessions for 2016-2017 Season

Any test forms that are postmarked BEFORE the “send forms starting” date WILL NOT be accepted. Click on the “Test Dates” link below to view deadline information.